Here adds up our one more new fun-filled,exciting and thrilling action game “Pixel Gun 3D”. As the multiplayer live action and thrilling games are more of craze these days, one more loop is being added to this chain and that is “Pixel Gun 3D”. This promises to keep the players excited with more thrilling adventures, environments, tools, weapons and so on.  Being a multi-player shooting action game this enhances your creativity and survival skills and of-course it won’t drag or frustrate you by asking for any sort of payment to proceed with further levels. This is completely free. Pixel Gun 3D is absolutely free on Windows, Android and IOS, which is available in app store.



Single Player survival mode/ Multi Player mission mode – Customization of Characters and Cubic World –Online Training Camps for New Players - Transformation to splendid 3D environment – Online Maps - Exploring Magical Worlds – 3D Building and Crafting – Crafting tools and wide range of weapons.

  • To start up with we haveSingle and Multiplayer modes available which allows up to 8 players in a game. Thus it completely ensures your most thrilling experience in the game play.
  • Customization of Characters and cubic world is available, which allows you to opt for any Character of your preferred choice as we have plenty of “Characters” available and many exciting “Magical Worlds” filled with abundant Shapes and Sizes.         
  • Exploring many new thrilling and exciting places, forests etc. using our unique “Online Map”.
  • You can play with your friends using “Local” option and also you can “chat” with them during battle.
  • Your mission is to create a well-protected “Cube World” where you can be safe, earning coins and also you can create many powerful stuffs with the building blocks.

The way to play Pixel Gun 3D on PC

To enjoy playing Pixel Gun 3D on your PC, you can either download Pixel Gun 3D through Bluestakcs app player or Andy emulator and play Pixel Gun 3D on your PC [OR] you can directly play online without downloading.

Steps to Download and Play Pixel Gun 3D on your PC.

Either you can download the Pixel Gun 3D directly through “Google Play Store”, just like how you download other apps and enjoy playing Pixel Gun 3D. Or-else you can follow the below steps.

  1. Look-up for “Bluestacks app” in any of your browser.You will get a prompt with bluestacks home page, where you see “Download bluestacks” option.
  2. By clicking the download bluestacks app option, bluestacks will be downloaded and open up in your PC.
  3. Here you can see a System app, which routes you and gives access to many app. Where you can look-up for Pixel Gun 3D through Google Play and install the same.
  4. Once you have done with the installation process. You can go ahead and enjoy playing the fun-thrilled game Pixel Gun 3D.


Basic Features/Modes of Pixel Gun 3D:

Single Player Mode Features

  • Survival Mode – Mini Games – Arena              

Multi-Player Mode Features

  • Team fight – Deathmatch - Co-op survival - Flag capture - Point capture - Deadly games - Block crash – Duel - Team strike.




Instructions to play Pixel Gun 3D on your PC

  • Make use of the “Arrow keys” in your keyboard to Navigate.
  • “Space key” for jump and “Shift key” is used to run.
  • We have the “F Key” which helps you to lift up the items and “E Key” to bring your inventory.
  • And finally the “Enter key”is used to fire.


Overall playing Pixel Gun 3D gives you a fun-thrilled and exciting action experience which enriches your creativity and building skills.And with its massive features this will definitely make you hangout for long hours and keep progressing through the different stages. As it is a multiplayer shooting game, you would end up with interacting, enjoying and sharing your thrilling moments with your own friends or strangers from worldwide.